Apple News Core(ner) 03/15/11-03/21/11

March 21, 2011 in Apple News Core(ner) by Holt

Apple News Core (ner)Below is a list of links to articles concerning Apple and Apple products that caught the core(ner) of my eye the past week. This is by no means a comprehensive list:

10 Things Steve Jobs Has (Allegedly) Killed

Apple Wins Key 2007 iPhone And Related Multi-Touch Patents

How Apple Got Its Logo

How To Think Like Steve Jobs

If Steve Jobs Was Such A Bad Boss, Why Did So Many People Work With Him?

iPhones Rank Highest Among Customer Satisfaction Among Other Smartphones

Mac Support To Come To ProtoSphere Standard Edition

The 5 Best Lego Apple Creations

Steve Jobs Bio Moving Forward, But No Launch Date Yet

This Is Why I Stay With Apple

Steve Jobs Offers Support To Apple Employees Affected By Earthquake

Steve Jobs Was First Choice For Google’s CEO

Switzerland Is Number One Mac Loving Country In The World