Apple News Core(ner) 07/12/11-07/17/11

July 17, 2011 in Apple News Core(ner) by Holt

Apple News Core (ner)Below is a list of links to articles concerning Apple and Apple products that caught the core(ner) of my eye the past week. This is by no means a comprehensive list:

7 Best Mac-Compatible Free-to-Play Games | Mac|Life

And Now Apple’s Stock Is Going To Explode Higher …

Andy Hertzfeld on Google+, UI design how Bob Dylan influenced the Mac – TNW Apple

Apple Attempts to Trademark their USB 2.0 Cable Design – Patently Apple

Apple Introduces Volume App Purchasing for Business and Education Including Discounts – Mac Rumors

Apple Invents a New Kind of Message Builder for Social Networkers – Patently Apple

Apple Invents a New Kind of Synchronized and Interactive Augmented Reality Display for iOS Devices – Patently Apple

Apple Invents New iPhone Features for Today’s iReporters – Patently Apple

Apple Patent Describes the Future of iPhone Journalism

Apple Release iOS 4.3.4, Closes iOS 4.3.3 Jailbreak [DIRECT LINKS] | iGadgetsReport

Apple secures patent on preventing headphone tangles – TNW Apple

Army Equipping Soldiers With Smartphones

How to Sell Like Steve Jobs | Copyblogger

How To Set Up A Parental Controlled Account on Apple Mac |

My love affair with Apple, Mac and highest regards for Steve Jobs. 

Open the Mac App Store in your browser | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Steve’s Outfit

The Macalope Weekly: Missing the point | Phones | MacUser | Macworld

The Stagecraft of Steve Jobs