Apple News Core(ner) 09/05/11–09/11/11

September 11, 2011 in Apple News Core(ner) by Holt

Apple News Core (ner)Below is a list of links to articles concerning Apple and Apple products that caught the core(ner) of my eye the past week. This is by no means a comprehensive list:

10 Apple Products That Changed the World

Apple – Personal Computers – Computers – Technology – news

Apple Adds Site-Wide Social Media Buttons To Apple Online Store

Apple Announces New Program To Match Charitable Giving By Employees

Apple iPhone Owns J.D. Power’s Satisfaction Crown

Apple Tops US Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Ratings For Sixth Straight Year

Apple’s co-founder Ron Wayne on its genesis, his exit and the company’s future

Apple’s third founding partner tells his story

Apple’s Point-of-Sale System for the iPhone Detailed in New Patent

Find My iPhone helps find wreckage of Chilean plane crash

Flash eating up your Mac’s CPU? Here are 3 ways to control it

Former Apple Employee Gets Steve Jobs Tattoo

GameStop iOS Devices

Gems from the noise following Steve Jobs’ resignation

Introducing The Zen of Steve Jobs: A Graphic Novel

Lowe’s Arming Employees Nationwide with 42k iPhones

My Neighbor, Steve Jobs

Notification Messages From Apple’s Secret Smart Television (Comic)

OS X Unix Commands

Steve Jobs’ Biggest Contribution (That No One Is Talking About)

YouTubers Rap a Tribute to Steve Jobs in ‘We Are All Steve’ [VIDEO]